March 2-3 | Minsk, Belarus
Anyone can take part in the championship, regardless of experience
I Championship of Belarus in massage 2024 together with WMF

Championship Description

The massage championship is held only for citizens of the Republic of Belarus and persons with a residence permit in the Republic of Belarus

The massage championship nominations are divided into categories:

junior (0-3 years old)

pro (3 or more years)

Massage competitions are held in groups of 6 to 8 contestants
From each group, 1 to 3 contestants are selected to continue to the next round
The competing duration of each group is 30 minutes
All contestants will receive a certificate of participation
The six finalists will receive a ranking diploma
The top three finalists will receive a medal

Participation fee

Participation fee: 350 BYN
Participation fee for every additional style: 280 BYN
*The offer of an additional nomination does not apply to "Massage in 4 hands".
**Payment for participation in the nomination "Massage in 4 hands" is 350 BYN in total for both participants.

How to pay:
Payment is made in the ERIP system

ERIP service code:

ERIP tree path:
ERIP - Other payments - Beauty and health - Brest - Alliance competitive. massage - Massage Championship (service code 1751912)
QR code for payment:
ATTENTION! You can register only after payment, since you need to upload a file of a payment document confirming payment for participation in the championship into the registration form.

Payment for each additional nomination is made separately and the payment document file is also uploaded to the registration form.

ATTENTION! The participant of the championship fills in the registration form for each nomination separately.
I Championship of Belarus in massage 2024 together with WMF

Championship Rules


  • The 5 judges vote, indicating the contestants they propose to qualify to the next round.
  • In case of a scoring tie, the judges are asked to vote again among the tied contestants.


  • Body mechanics
  • Flow of the session
  • Uniqueness of the techniques
  • Contestant’s concentration
  • Variety of techniques
  • The Contestant’s routine should be perfectly in line with the type of massage
  • Medical clothing with a comfortable cut that allows full movement of the arms and legs is allowed
  • Performance in a medical gown is not allowed


  • The clothing can be either a massage suit or sportswear
  • Each contestant can compete either in athletic shoes or barefoot


  • Contestants are not allowed to wear anything on their neck, wrists and fingers
  • Contestants must have their hair tied
  • Contestants should not have long nails


  • Each contestant must have a receiver
  • Under no circumstances should sensitive areas of the receiver be exposed during the treatment
  • If this happens, the contestant is excluded from the competition


  • Each contestant must have tools and oils, if those are needed for the routine
  • Also, the contestant is responsible for bringing a massage table cover or mattress cover
About the championship organizer
Nikonchuk Anna, practicing massage master with 20 years of experience, massage teacher, founder and director of Alliance of Competitive Massage LLC

I am Nikonchuk Anna, a practicing master with 20 years of experience. Higher pedagogical education, secondary medical education, massage master, massage teacher, developer of author's techniques:

"Well-built", "Facelift", "Body sculpture".

Founder and director of LLC "Alliance of Competitive Massage" in the Republic of Belarus.

At the moment I am the director of the massage school "Massage Queen" in Minsk.

Member of the World Massage Federation Wolds Massage Federation WMF.

Judge of the international level WMF.

I am the organizer of the national massage championship in the Republic of Belarus together with the World Massage Federation.

  •  The championship will take place on March 2-3, 2024 in Minsk.

The President of the WMF and the Director of WMF Judges will be invited.

Partners from other countries will also be invited.

The purpose of the championship: to raise the level of mastery of massage masters, to rally colleagues and improve the quality of services in the Republic of Belarus, to promote the promotion of our masters at the international level.


If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please contact us
Partner of the 1st Belarusian Massage Championship 2024 together with WMF TRIGGER massage studio
Partner of the I Belarusian Massage Championship 2024 together with WMF NIV NIV
Partner of the I Belarusian Massage Championship 2024 together with WMF massage school lyudmila levkovich
Partner of the I Belarusian Massage Championship 2024 together with WMF ear paw massage workshop
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